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Here you will find articles, tutorials, and reviews of assorted TI 99 family of products.

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BASIC Programing references

This reference contains information on the commands, statements, and functions in console BASIC and extended BASIC.

Command Module Listing

This page contains a listing of command modules, pictures of the modules, manual cover scans, and screenshots.

TI99 Awards

Over the years there have been several awards presented to the TI community. This page lists them.

5 1/4" Drives

This area will explain a bit about Floppy disks, and their different densities

Electronic Reference

If you are new to electronics or project building this should supply some useful information.

Classic99 Emulator

Very nice TI 99 emulator, and very simple to setup.

Chicago TI Faires

Series of articles from the past Chicago TI Faires.

Logic Gates

Logic gates are the pathways that make computers work. This explains how several different types of gates work.


If you are looking for a way to place files you download from whtech on to a TI disk using a PC then you really need to try TI99-PC.


Some good information on Composite and RGB monitors.


A nice article describing the wonderful P-Gram Card, which was created by John Guion, and marketed by Horizon.

Geneve 9640

The Micropendium article introducing the Geneve 9640!

GRAM Kracker

An article reviewing and describing the GRAM Kracker.

Myarc HDFC

An article reviewing and describing the Myarc HDFC Card.

Corcomp Micro Expansion system

An article reviewing and describing the Corcomp Micro Expansion System.