by Ron Reuter, October 28, 2004

If you are looking for a way to place files you download from whtech on to a TI disk using a PC then you really need to try TI99-PC. This program is written by Paolo Bagnaresi, and it does a great job of moving files such as the .dsk types on to a floppy which will then work on a TI system. I have used this program many times and find it works very well.

I use TI99-PC mostly to create TI disks from software I download from Whtech.

Below is part of the manual which comes with the software and does a good job of describing what it does and how it works.

TI99_PC v. 2 will read, write, format, catalog, copy and convert TI-99/4A floppy disks on a PC. You will be able to transfer your real TI floppy disks to the main TI emulators on a PC currently available (PC99 and V9T9), which was possible with v. 1 as well.

TI99_PC v.2 can do the opposite too, i.e. transferring your various .dsk files (files for TI Emulators on a PC) back to a real TI floppy disk.

You will also be able to manage .ARK files (Barry Boone's Archiver III files), TIFILES, Anadisk Dump files. Files can be extracted to DOS and re-imported back. Image files can be split into smaller disk formats. You can also change them to larger disk formats, if you wish.

Finally, starting from v.2.2.0, TI99_PC will extract, from an Image File, all the files belonging to an ARK file. The extracted files will be placed to a new DOS directory. The new DOS directory will be named after ARK filename. If several ARK files are contained in a single Image File, this option will be very handy, because each ARK file will create its new DOS directory, avoiding any possible confusion and/or overwriting of files with the same name under different ARK files. Use Menu 1.6, Option "X".

A multi-purpose floppy disk formatter is also included. Finally, an external Command File Formatter will allow a set of additional commands, suited to perform unusual tasks. You can access the external Command File Formatter from main Menu by choosing option 3) Tools, and then: 1) Floppy Disk Formatter and other Floppy Utilities and then: 3) External Command File Formatter.

You will need a computer with a 5/14" floppy installed. I use an older system running Windows 95 with no problems at all. You can download this program from Whtech at: ftp://ftp.whtech.com/PC%20Utilities/

Below are a few screen shots from the program.