TI Store

This area is a collection of pages that offer items for sale in the TI Community. It's not a "classified section" but will try to be more of a listing of vendors who stock different items for the TI and Geneve. None of the items listed on these pages are supplied by me. You will be dealing directly with the dealer.

If you would wish to have a page listed here (or a link to your page) please contact me. There is no charge either way!.

Tex*In Treasures

Mike Dudeck's source of hardware, software, manuals and accessories for the TI-99/4A.

Hummingbird Eproms

Bob Carmany supplies many Eproms. Check out his quite extensive list!

Greg McGill's Online Shop

Visit Greg's site for T-shirts, mugs, etc. with Geneve and TI logos and graphics.

TI-99 Stuff
More TI-99 Stuff
Still More TI-99 Stuff
Geneve Stuff
Commodore 64 Stuff

Bruce Maret's DVD's

Visit Bruce's site for various Video's of TI Fairs.