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Hummingbird Eproms

Corcomp Eproms

CorComp 256K Buffer

The original DSR for this card

CorComp 256K Buffer Vn 2.1

Corrects some minor problems in the original DSR and smooths out operation.

CorComp FDC (Bank 1)

The original Bank 1 chip for the Disk Controller.

CorComp FDC (Bank 2)

The original Bank 2 chip for the Disk Controller.

CorComp FDC (MG Bank 1)

The Miller's Graphics enhancement of the FDC chip which adds some CALLs and eliminates the startup screen and problems it created.

CorComp FDC (MG Bank 2)

See previous description.

CorComp FDC (MG Bank 1)

This replacement chip for the Bank 1 MG mod removes access to DSK4 which is of use to those who have a RAMdisk as DSK4 which would conflict with a similarly designated physical drive.

CorComp RS232

The original DSR for this card

CorComp Tripletech

The original DSR for this card

CorComp 9900 RS232

The original DSR for the expansion system

CorComp 9900 FDC

The original DSR for the expansion system

CorComp 9900CES DSR

Original eprom for the CC9900 expansion system

Myarc Eproms

Myarc Geneve Boot Vn .98

The Vn .98 boot eprom for the Geneve.

Myarc Geneve Boot Vn 1.0

Adds booting from SCSI devices and a menu.

Myarc Geneve Boot Vn 1.0

See above but for GenMod.

Myarc HFDC V11

The original DSR for this card

Myarc HFDC V14

Reduces the head step time from 16 ms to 8ms and 8ms to 4ms.

Myarc HFDC V15

No floppy access. Eliminates the conflict between the HFDC and a second disk controller for DSK5-8 which may conflict with RAMdisks. FOR NON-GENEVE SYSTEMS.

Myarc RS232

The original DSR for this card

Myarc RS232 (AVPC mod)

This eliminates the interrupt line problem with the AVPC card and allows the used of interrupt-driven terminal programs. Works fine without an AVPC.

Myarc 128K Card

The original DSR for this card

Myarc 128K Card (XB 2.12)

Allows for the use of Myarc XBII Vn 2.12

Myarc 512K Card

The original DSR for this card

Myarc 512K Card Vn 1.3B

An intermediate upgrade of the DSR that eliminates some minor internal problems, etc.

Myarc 512K Card Vn 2.1

The last and most complete upgrade that was released by Myarc.

Myarc 512 Card "JD"

Another intermediate upgrade for this card.

Myarc FDC 80-TRK

An 80-track upgrade for the Myarc FDC (Not HFDC).

TI Eproms

TI RS232

The original DSR for this card


TI RS232 with baud rates from 600 BPS 19.2K, 38.4K and 56.2K.

TI RS232 (AVPC mod)

Eliminates the interrupt line conflict between the AVPC and the TI RS232. Allows the use of terminal programs that are interrupt-driven (i.e., TELCO). Works fine without an AVPC.

TI RS232 (Guion mod)

Serial port accessed by SIO (BA=4800) PARITY 71O AND TP=PAR

TI RS232 (Overclocked)

Accomodates overclocked consoles from 2.5 - 6.0 Mhz and adds 19.2 and 38.4K baud rates.

TI Disk Controller

Both of the ROM replacements (U26 and U27) for the original TI Disk Controller DSR.

TI Disk Controller 80-Trk

Converts the TI Disk controller to 80 track for either DSK1 and 2 or DSK2 and DSK3 depending on which set of ROMs is replaced. Another set will set DSK1 and DSK2 to 40 track and DSK3 to 80 track.

TI Console ROM (even)

A direct replacement for the original even Console ROM.

TI Console ROM (odd)

See previous except odd byte ROM.

TI Disk Controller (Guion A)

Adds access to a 4th drive and lower case disk designations. You can have a DSK1 and a dsk1 responding as different drives.

TI Disk Controller (Guion B)

See previous description.

**NOTE: CorComp, Myarc, and TI RS232 eproms in both the AVPC and Standard configuration can be produced with custom baud rates and with BS(Backspace) replacing DEL (Delete).

Misc DSR's

AVPC Vn 2.0

An upgrade of the original DSR which eliminates problems running some programs.

AVPC (Knerr)

Restores FCTN= to quit and some other minor upgrades.


The DSR for the Alphacom printer interface.

AT RS232

The Atronics RS232 DSR.


The DSR for this card.

FOUNDATION 128K Card (XB212)

Allows for the use of Myarc XBII Vn 2.12


Corrects some minor bugs in the original and allows running of the MBX cartridges (with the hardware mod).


The original DSR for the Gramulator


The first of the GRAFTRAX chips for the Epson MX-80 series of printers. Provides enhanced graphics capabilities.


See previous (chip #2).


See previous (chip #3).

Parallax TI

The original DSR for this Axiom product.


The original DSR for the Doryt Systems product.


PERCOM Disk Controller DSR


The DSR for the Star STX-80 thermal printer.


The original DSR for this card

TROTT Vn 2.0

The original DSR for this card


Original DSR(s) for the Winchester Personality card.


Mechatronics 80 column device (Vn 3.5)


Barry Boone's Mechatronics 80 column EPROM (Vn 1.2)
Comes with estensive documentation and adds addtional Functions.


Note: Unless otherwise noted, these cartridges are the game/application titles that their name implies. All require 32K memory expansion.

Please feel free to email me (Bob Carmany) to ask about specific cartridge availability." (added 1/28/2009)

Cartridges 8K

Air Wolf
Disk Fixer
Hen Pecked
Nature's Way*
Paint N Print
Roto Raider
St Nick
TI-IBM Connection
Worm Attack

Driving Demon
Home Sentry
Peripheral Diags
Saguaro City**
Super Duper

Ant Colony
Munchman II
Princess and Frog
Rabbit Trail
Space Aggressor
Tombstone City
Video Vegas

Cartridges 16K

Killer Caterpillar
Word Writer

Junkman Jr
Super Storm

Star Runner

Note: The 8K cartridges rquire a ROMOX or one of Jon Guidry's cartridge boards that will accommodate a replaceable ROM (EPROM). The 16K cartridges require bank switching hardware. They all require 32K memory expansion.

* Unreleased cartridges

** Unreleased cartridge with graphics that TI deemed too morbid for kids. The preliminary version of Tombstone City.


Archiver 3.02

Vn 3.02 of Archiver

Archiver 3.04

Vn 3.04 of Archiver

Disk Backup

Saves a disk image to a SCSI device

Disk Backup

Saves a disk image to WDS1 (Hard Drive) or HRD at >1800

DSR Loader Vn 3

Loads DSRs into SNUG cards

DSR Scan

Displays DSRs and subroutines - requires an 80-column card

GRAMkracker Converter

GRAMkracker to HSGPL conversion program

HRD16 Save

The original program in EPROM form

HRD16 Save

Modified for HRD at >1800 and WDS1

HRD16 Save Vn 1.10

Modified for screen colors and lowercase

Line Hunter

Searches for tags or line numbers in source code

Quest Vn 2.0

Changes the allowable CRU addresses

Quest Vn 4.0

Allows 4-512K Quest RAMdisks as DSK4-F


Disk Track copier Vn 1.1

Super Bugger

Assembly Language program debugger

Note: Custom programs are possible including your F'WEB kernel.

Pricing: All EPROMs are $6 each. Custom EPROMS are $10 each regardless of the chip size. All programs require 32K memory expansion.

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