The Dijit Systems Advanced Video Processor Card (AVPC) was an 80 Column card that fit into the PEB. Along with a suitable RGB monitor turned the TI-99/4A console into a 80 Column device. In Dijit's own words:


The DIJIT Systems ADVANCED VIDEO PROCESSOR CARD gives the TI-99/4A graphics power comparable to today's advanced Personel Computers. The AVPC graphics card conveniently fits into the Peripheral Expansion box with only a minor modification to the computer console. Your favorite TI-99/4A programs are displayed in crisp vivid RGB video. Word processing in 80 columns eliminates windowing, "What You See Is What You Get".

Installs in the Peripheral Expansion Box

99% Compatible with Existing TI-99/4A Programs

80 Column Word Processing

192K of Video RAM

Crisp Vivid RGB Video

512 Color Palette

High Resolution Bit-Mapped Graphics

Up to 8 Sprites Per Line

Mouse and Light Pen Port

Supports Video Overlay

Supports Video Digitizing

The AVPC did require some hardware changes to the console to work correctly, and included a jumper which included a couple of 1.1K resistors. There was also 1 trace that needed to be cut.

I must admit, this is a really cool card, and the TI-99/4A never looked better. There were problems though... not all software was compatable, and some caused lockups. Later Dijit came out with a eprom upgrade, and Tony Knerr even created one, which happens to be the one on this card. You did have to have software that was written in 80 column mode to take advantage of 80 columns, and several were, funnelweb, zork, TI writer, multi-plan just to name a few. Most other software ran fine in the normal mode, just looked much better. Below are a couple of screen shots that I took, and they look much better in "real life".