3rd Party
Expansion Cards

This is by no means all the additonal cards that were produced for the TI-99/4(A), but what is in my collection.

Just click on any card for additional information and a larger picture.

Corcomp RS232 Card

Corcomp 9900 Floppy Controller Card

Thierry Nouspikel's IDE Card

SuperAMS circuit card

ICS 32K Memory Card


Horizon 256K RAMDisk Card

Horizon P-Gram +

Horizon P-Gram Protoype

Myarc Winchester Card

Myarc Geneve 9640
Home Computer Card

These are the cards produced by the System-99 User Group (SNUG) in Germany. Most of these are still avaiable from SNUG. I had the chance to view a couple of these cards at the TI Faire in Chicago and they are of the highest quality!. SNUG's website can be found here.

Again, click on any of the pictures below for a much larger view.

HRD16 - 16 Bit Highspeed-Ramdisk 16 Bit

Diskette Controller with real-time clock

HSGPL2 - Highspeed GPL Card

EVPC - Enhanced Videoprocessor Card

EVPC2 - Enhanced Videoprocessor Card 2

SGCPU - Second generation CCU Card

SPVMC - Speech and Voicememory Card

ASCSI 2 - Advanced SCSI Card (rev 2)