Adventure Cartridge Games

"Have you ever wanted to discover the treasures hidden in an ancient pyramid, encounter ghosts in an Old West ghost town, or visit an ancient civilization on the edge of the galaxy? Developed for Texas Instruments Incorporated by Adventure International, the Adventure game series lets you experience these and many other adventures in the comfort of your own home."

The above was included in the manuals for the games that could be played using the "Adventure" command module. The module by itself wasn't much use until you loaded one of the many adventure games that were programmed for it. Most of the adventures were available in disk or cassette format.

The adventure game Pirates's Adventure was included with the purchase of the Adventure cartridge. This cart did add 6K of memory to the console.

Below is a list of some of the adventure games released for the Adventure cartridge. It is by no means a complete listing.

Pyramid of Doom

The Pyramid of Doom adventure starts in a desert near a pool of liquid, with a pole sticking out of the sand. As you investigate further, you find a pyramid only recently uncovered by the shifting sands. Find its entrance, collect the treasures, and then try to escape from the pyramid.


The Adventureland game begins in the forest of an enchanted world. By exploring this world, you can locate 13 treasures, well as the special place for storing them to score points. However, be careful not to wake the sleeping dragon!
(Difficulty Level: Moderate)

Mission Impossible

Your impossible mission starts with a tape recorder In a briefing room. Can you find the mysterious person who just ran out of the room as you try to save the world’s first nuclear reactor from destruction?

This is the front cover of one of the manuals that came with the adventure cartridge. The Adventure cartridge included the game, Pirate's Adventure.
(Difficulty Level: Beginner)

Voodoo Castle

When the Voodoo Castle adventure begins, you are in a chapel looking at a closed coffin. By exploring the castle, you try find the information necessary to free Count Cristo from the fiendish curse placed on him by his enemies.
(Difficulty Level: Moderate)

The Count

In The Count, you wake from a nap to find yourself in a strange bed holding a tent stake. Now it’s up to you to discover who you are, what you are doing in Transylvania, and why the postman delivered a bottle of blood.
(Difficulty Level: Moderate)

Strange Odyssey

Your Strange Odyssey begins as you realize that you are stranded on a small planetoid and must repair your ship before you can go home. As you search the planet for the necessary parts, you find the ruins of an ancient civilization. Try to discover the civilization’s secrets, collecting treasures as you go.
(Difficulty Level: Moderate)

Mystery Fun House

Before exploring the Mystery Fun House, you must figure out how to get inside. Once inside, you’ll see all the typical run House sights, concealing a valuable prize.
(Difficulty Level: Moderate)

Ghost Town

All ghost towns are mysterious, but this one holds a particular fascination —— it contains both treasures and real ghosts. Explore all of the old buildings and the entire area thoroughly to see how many treasures you can locate.
(Difficulty Level: Advanced)

Savage Island Series

You begin the two—part Savage Island Series on the edge of an impenetrable jungle. As you explore the island, you may meet some very unusual creatures. Upon the successful completion of Part 1, you receive the password that enables you to begin Part 2. If you complete the second part of the series, you become the world’s greatest hero. However, if you fail, you go to a quick, horrible death.
(Difficulty Level: Advanced)

The Golden Voyage

Before embarking on your Golden Voyage, you must locate the royal palace in the Persian city. In the palace, you meet an aging king who only has three days to live, unless you can restore his youth. Starting with only a bag of gold, you eventually set sail for the four corners of the globe on a quest for the mythical fountain of youth.