TI-99 Hardware Schematics

Tim Tesch recently ran accross a nice collection of TI schematics and got them into my hands. I have now scanned them and cleaned them up a bit. Most of them run about 800K or so. They are set up to print on 11 x 17 paper. If someone wishes they may post these to whtech.

PHP1800 Sidecar Disk Controller Page 1

PHP1240 Disk Memory System Card Page 1 Page 2

PHP1700 RS-232 Sidecar Interface Page 1

PHP1220 RS232 Interface Card Page 1 Page 2

PHP1270 P-Code Card Page 1

PHP2200 Sidecar 32K Memory Expansion Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

PHP1260 Memory Expansion Card Page 1 Page 2

IEEE 488 Card Page 1

PHP1200 Peripheral Expansion System

       PEB Backplane Page 1

       PEB Cable on Box End Page 1

       PEB End Cable Page 1

       PEB Interconnection Page 1 Page 2

       PEB Power supply Page 1

Myarc Controller Cards

       Card 1 Page 1

       Card 2 Page 1

       Card 3 Page 1