My TI Setups

This is by no means my whole collection. These are my systems that are up and running, and I still use them quite a bit.

This is a picture of my daughter taken in 1982. She started with computers quite young, and never gave them up! Today she works in the IT department at the Indianapolis Airport. She also still owns her own TI setup!

Current System

This is my current system I use and work with. Instead of a PEB I am using a Corcomp Expansion System, takes up a lot less room, and is a lot quieter. It also has a GramKracker and a Corcomp Clock. Two DSDD drives and a cannon inkjet printer round out the setup.


13" TI Monitor"
2 5 1/4" Drives
Speech Synthesizer


10" TI Monitor    Phone Modem
2 5 1/4" Drives    Speech Synthesizer
Phone Modem    Cassete Recorder
Serial Printer    Joysticks
PEB Contains:
32K Memory Card
RS232 Card
Flex Cable Card
Disk Memory Card

Geneve 9640

Commodore RGB Monitor
1 5 1/4" Drive 360K
1 3 1/2" Drive 720K
Corcomp RS232 Card

I have a Myarc HD/FD card that is not
working at the moment. When I get it
repaired I will be hooking up a
23 meg hard drive.

This is my workbench where I enjoy working on the projects and fixing systems when needed. It is much neater and cleaner than normal!