Thierry Nouspikel's
IDE Card

I had a chance to pick up a completed, working IDE card at the 2004 Chicago TI Faire. This card was constructed by Ernie Pergrem. Needless to say the work is flawless..

Ernie also gave a presentation about this card at the faire, and it was very well done, and answered most questions. There is no doubt that Ernie knows a lot about his card, and it's workings.

This card is generating a lot of buzz.. and rightly so, it is a very useful addition to the TI family of hardware!

The IDE card was created and designed by Thierry Nouspikel, and he has much more information on his site which can be found here.

Fred did an excellent job on drawing the schematics for this board and they can be found here.

Completed IDE Card

Front View of IDE Card

Back View of IDE Card