Solid State
Speech Synthesizer

The speech synthesizer is a device which plugged into the expansion port on the side of 99/4 or 99/4A. The speech produced by the speech synthesizer is very good. The speech synthesizer contains 373 different words and phrases. You are not limited to only these words and phrases, as you could use a few different modules to create any words or phrases you wish. One module is the Speech Editor, and another is the Terminal Emulator II. With either of the above modules, you can make the speech synthesizer say anything.

There were many modules which took advantage of the speech synthesizer, and this was a piece of hardware that many folks owned.

For a time you could get a speech synthesizer free, by purchasing 6 modules and sending in the box tops, this is how I got my first one.

The above picture shows one side of the speech synthesizer circuit board. The IC on the left is the TMS5220 speech synthesis chip (it is marked as a CD2501E NL), and the IC's on the right are two piggy-backed ROM chips.