TI's Sidecars

This was TI's first attempt at producing peripherals for the TI-99 line. These were produced before TI introduced the Peripheral Expansion Box. Needless to say, having all this plugged in with a couple of disk drives, took up a lot of desk. These were all powered by their own internal power supply.

Disk Drive Controller
This Disk Controller could handle
up to 3 floppy drives.

This is a view of the back of the disk controller.

RS-232 Interface

This is a view of the back of the RS232 sidecar showing the two com ports.

32K Memory Expansion
PHP 2200

Here is a view of the Memory Expansion with the cover off, and with part of the shield removed. As can been seen here, each of the sidecars was powered by it's own power supply.

Here is a picture showing sidecars attached to a TI-99/4. Needless to say this computer could get quite wide!

Starting with the TI-99/4 and moving right you have the speech synthesizer, solid state printer, memory expansion, RS232, drive controller, SSSD disk drive, and the acoustic 300 baud modem.