Romox was a software company started in 1982. They produced several games for many different game machines, and computer of the day, including for the TI-99/4A. Romox also created a device called the Edge Connector Programmable Cartridge (ECPC) in 1983. The idea here was that Romox sold a programmable cartridge which could be used over again to load games from the ECPC. The cartridge sold for $24.95 and you could burn a game onto it using the ECPC for around $10. These systems were going to be setup in different stores such as K-mart, Sears, and 7/11's. The system did take off for a while, but Romox went out of business in 1985.. as did many vidogame companies during this time.

Romox did produce several games for the TI. Such titles as: Topper, Hen Pecked, Disk Fixer, Princess & Frog, Rotor Raiders, Typo II, and Ant Eater where some of the more poplular.

The Romox Edge Connector Programmable Cartridge (ECPC)

This is the Ant Eater Cartridge from Romox

Front view of the cartridge

Cartridge as viewed from the bottom

Screen Shot from Ant Eater

The Insides

Below you will find several pictures of a Romox Circuit board. These used 28 pin ROM's, and Bob Carmany has several burned ROM's still available. The problem is finding the circuit boards. I have several pictures below that show it is not a very complicated circuit board and might make another interesting group buy.

The above picture shows how to open a romox cartridge. They can be quite tough, and though I am only showing one hand above (I had to hold the camera with my other hand :>), it usally takes both hands on each side to "pop" the case open. It takes a bit of a feel, so be careful the first time you try this.

Below are the ROM's that Bob has available. For more information on ordering ROM's go here.

Disk Fixer
Driving Demon

Hen Pecked
Home Sentry
Munchman 2
Nature’s Way
Princess and Frog
Paint N Print
Peripheral Diags

Rabbit Trail
St Nick
Super Duper
TI->IBM Connection

Junkman Jr
Star Runner
Word Writer
Archiver Vn 3.02
HRD16 Save
Quest Manager

Top of Board with ROM
The large capacitor is a .1uf while the smaller is a 22pf. The two diodes are 1N914.

Bottom of Board

This picture shows both sides of the foil, with the yellow being the top of the
board, and blue being the foil on the bottom.

Top View of Board

Bottom View of Board (Mirrored)

The above are pc card drawings of the romox card layouts redesigned to fit on a card that will fit in a regular TI module case. The top drawing is the TOP and the bottom is the BOTTOM. Note that the bottom drawing is mirrored.