TI RS232 Card


The Texas Instruments R8232 Interface Card is a communications adapter featuring 8-bit parallel and RS232 serial capabilities that enable you to connect a wide range of accessory devices to your TI Home Computer. With the RS232 Interface Card Inserted Into the Peripheral Expansion System, you can list programs on a printer, send and receive data from a terminal, exchange TI BASIC programs directly between TI Home Computers and much more. By adding the telephone coupler (modem) and certain Solid State Software Command Modules, your Home Computer can communicate with other computers and terminals over ordinary telephone lines.

You can access an office computer or time-sharing network from your own home, using your TI If home Computer as a remote terminal to send and receive data. And you can write TI BASIC language programs which use EIA (Electronic Industry Association) Standard RS232C compatible devices. including printers, plotters, video display terminals, and other computers. In addition to its serial data feature, the RS232 Interface Card also has a parallel I/O (Input/Output) which handles input and output data that is in a 8-bit format. The parallel I/O port Interfaces directly with printers that accept data In a parallel format, saving you the expense of having an RS232 Interface on the printer.