The DATABAR Oscar was was an optical bar code scanner used to input program code into the TI-99. It was also produced for several of the home computer systems of the time. IT connected to the cassette port on the TI. It never really took off, and wasn't on the market very long.

From the User Manual:

OSCAR is a low cost, high-speed optical scanner for use as an input device for most popular home computers. It requires no special adaptors, peripheral expansion modules or other high-cost interface hardware It is fully supported with an extensive library of BASIC programs which are published in bar code form in the monthly DATABAR magazine or which are supplied individually to retail stores. OSCAR overcomes the time consuming use of the keyboard for entering programs.

A typical program can be entered. error-free, in a few minutes. High quality materials and workmanship. combined with a error-free use. OSCAR adds a new dimension to the term user-friendly

The above picture shows Oscar and the scanning wand. It actually works quite well, though does have its finicky moments.

These are the software booklets which came with Oscar. They were color coded depending on the type of program, games, utilites, etc.

The above is part of the practice scanning sheet. It also included a scanning template which assisted in keeping your scans straight.

DATABAR Oscar Manual
(pdf 1.83 meg)

(pdf 600K)