TI Telephone
Coupler (Modem)

This modem is an acoustic coupler modem that ran at 300 baud. It was compatible with Bell 103 type modem. It required your system to have an RS-232 interface installed.

Here is a front view of the modem. It shows the power connector, and the two 3-position switches. The switch on the left selected, Originate, Off, Answer, while the switch on the right selected, Full-duplex, TEST, Half-duplex.

This is a label that is on top of the modem with the two boring LED's.., no cool flashing lights here.

Here is a peek at the circuit board for the modem. It was produced by Novation Inc. a pretty big modem builder of that time. In fact this appears to be exactly the same modem sold by Tandy, and Atari.

Below is part of the brochure for the new TEXNET Information Service that came with the modem The complete brochure can be found on the manual page of this site.