The Building
of a TI-99/4A

Outside view of the TI Lubbock Plant

Inside view of the TI Lubbock Plant

Automated machine inserts components into the motherboards

Inserting components the old fashioned way

More components being inserted into the power supplies or main board

At the end of the line, with all parts inserted and ready for soldering

Main boards ready for the "flow soldering" machine

Power supplies ready for the solder also

Motherboards placed in the moving rack of the soldering machine

Power supplies flowing over a river of molten solder, soldering everything at the same time

After the soldering all boards recieve a bath to remove the flux

After the bath the boards are dried

The larger socket mount chips are inserted, including the TMS9900 CPU

The boards are now powered up for the first time

All boards connected and tested

Metal shielding is applied

Power supply installed in case

Main board is now installed in case

..followed by the keyboard

Console is now subjected to a "drop test"

Consoles are placed in rack after rack for a three day powered "burn-in"

Yet more testing

Here the consoles keyboards are tested

After all the tests, the brushed aluminum trim is applied

Wrapped, packed, and shipped to a store near you!

Pictures from December, 1982 99'er Magazine