Various Retro Computer/Games Graphics

Below are my graphics that I have completed so far of various "Retro" systems. I am currently working on a colecovision, and will soon start on an intellivision and Atari 5200.

Feel free to use these graphics without any obligation for any non-commercial use. If you wish to use these graphics on your website please feel free to do so. I ask that you actually place the graphics on your site, as opposed to a link here, just in case I move them somewhere else. If you wish you may credit them to Ron Reuter Enjoy!

If someone would like for me to create a custom graphic of a retro computer or game system please contact me and we can work out the details.. (no I don't want money.. but maybe you may have some extra cool computer/game stuff laying around we could work out a trade with :>).

Comments, Suggestions? Email me at:


Geneve 9640

Commodore 64 (later model)

Atari 2600 "4-switch"

TRS 80 Color Computer

Vectrex Logic Board

Vic 20 Motherboard