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TRS 80 PC-4



New to the site is the a link for the VIC-20. I also have some graphics and good schematics for the VIC-20. I have also added some more manuals to the TI-99 Site.


I have now added a link to the 8Bit Database website that I am developing. I am trying to produce a program that will allow a record keeping database for all 8 bit collections. The 8bit site at this time is very beta. I am adding the finishing touches to the program now and hope to release it soon.

I have also added some graphics for the TI 99 motherboard.


Welcome to my new site dedicated to the 8 Bit world of computers. This site will be updated to include commodore 64, 128, plus/4, TRS 80 Color Computers, Sinclairs, TI99, and Atari among others. The goal of this site is to collect software, hardware, and technical manuals. Also lite to medium technical information, and how to's.

I will also be including artwork for the true nerds who would love nothing more than a 8x10 glossy of their favorite motherboard to hang in the den. To see an example of this please visit the TS1000 site. My TI99/4A motherboard graphic is almost finished and will soon be available for download.

Please feel free to contact me below for any suggestions or comments.


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